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Rated 2.5 / 5 stars


Welcome to 2008? Well, this problem is one of the oldest we got anywhere anytime.

Yes, we all know that a massive amound of garbadge is submitted everyday in any form in the internet, that was, is and will be the one of the largest problems we got here, especially here, at Newgrounds, which lives from the idea delivering cheap cock jokes and massive violence to kids.

Throgh this, you so called 'talented' artists are more or less displaced by flashes like that. When you are sick of that, go out and try to make a professional movie or cartoon in any other media, but internet, espacially newgrounds, isn't the right place for the really masterpieces of flash history anymore.

And anyone who likes this and votes 10s and 5s isn't right as the ones who wanna ban this out from newgrounds. This is a flash, that should be exist, to point out the problems of today's flashes.

The flash deserves 5/10 and 2/5 for pointing out this problem, but it is a lame excuse to that piece of aweful done animation, espeacially the ones who didn't had anything todo with it's main context.

Dom H.